Linen Care

At Linen Catalysts, we want you to get years of enjoyment out of your linens. Following these simple laundering tips will ensure that you do.

  • Launder your linens in the coolest water possible. The long-staple cotton fibers that make your linens so silky-soft are very durable as long as they are protected from high heat, so opt for warm or cool water when laundering them.
  • Choose detergents carefully. Many of today’s laundry detergents contain enzymes that make it possible to use even cold water and get wonderfully clean results. However, you will want to avoid detergents that contain added bleach, whiteners, or softeners.
  • Shake linens out when transferring. During the Spin cycle, linens can become tightly twisted. By shaking out the linens before placing them in the dryer, many wrinkles can be avoided altogether.
  • Dry your linens on the coolest setting possible. Avoiding high heat in the dryer protects the sheets’ long life and also helps to reduce wrinkles. To further minimize wrinkling, remove your linens while they are still damp and either fold them tightly or put them immediately on your bed.
  • Try “hand ironing.” You’ll be amazed at the wrinkles you can smooth right out if you use a spray bottle to mist the sheet’s surface first. Then, run your hand across the sheet while applying gentle pressure to “iron” it with your hand. Using a linen spray instead of water adds a lovely fragrance to your linens that you’ll appreciate again at bedtime.
  • Iron pillowcases only. If you really love the look of a perfect bed, consider ironing only the pillowcases, choose a low-heat setting, and iron on the reverse side of the fabric.

Your linens are NOT fragile, so please – enjoy them! Centuries-old craftsmanship brought these gorgeous linens to you, so they were made to last. May you enjoy many, many nights of restorative sleep on them as a result.