Healing Beds

Because we at Linen Catalysts are passionate about the difference fine linens can make in the way a person rests each night, and because the quality of one’s rest plays such an important role in health and well-being, we’ve connected our charitable giving with a cause dedicated to restoring health -- patients undergoing cancer treatment.

We originally took these actions in memory of, and to honor, our dear friend, Peggy LaBounty, who demonstrated strength, profound graciousness, and abiding faith as she battled ovarian cancer.

When Peggy – seen on the right in the picture above, and in the middle in the photo below – was no longer able to go out for breakfast, we joined her in her comfy bed to watch HGTV, deepening our connections with one another while one home makeover after another played out on the screen before us. It was some extraordinarily poignant girlfriend time.

Janie Thomas, seen here on the left, was one of the founding partners of Linen Catalysts.  She had the original vision for our "Healing Beds" and it was one of her passions.  Five years into our business, Janie was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer and passed away shortly after diagnosis.  She lived her life to be of service to others and her inspiration carries us forward to make a difference for good and to indeed be a service in whatever way we can.

If we can play even a small part in helping someone else wage their battle, it would be our pleasure to do that.