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Posted On: 10/24/2012

Luxury linens are an investment, so you wouldn\'t want to squander precious dollars.  Read on to discover the most common mistake made when creating a luxe bed and, more importantly, how to avoid making it!

Posted On: 10/09/2012
Everyone wants a fabulous bed, but how do you go about creating such a haven for yourself?  Follow these simple fundamentals to take the mystery out and put the "ahhhh" in...
Posted On: 10/03/2012

Do you ever wake up with a stiff, achy neck? Do you find yourself awake during the night, punching up, fluffing, or doubling over your pillow? If you do, read on – there may be a simple solution...

Posted On: 09/10/2012

Perhaps you’re someone who, like me, has purchased sheets and other bedding in a haphazard fashion -- wherever you happened to be shopping, whenever you found a particularly enticing sale. Maybe the whole ‘bed in a bag’ notion appealed because it solved the problem of matching everything up. Or having become aware of the thread-count issue, you might have started judging sheets by those with the highest number of threads. Haven’t we all?

It wasn’t until I was lucky enough to stay in a luxury hotel that I experienced the “ahhhhh” factor of high-quality bed linens. I remember thinking, “I DO NOT want to leave this bed today,” so I hauled my laptop into that glorious nest with me and worked from that downy, silky spot all day long. It was heavenly, and that memorable experience set me on a path of desiring to replicate that bed in my own home. I’ll admit, I became something of a linens junkie with that hotel stay.

Posted On: 08/27/2012

A battle has been raging all around us, and it’s been going on for years. You probably haven’t heard about it, but this conflict has probably touched your life, if only in a small way. Are you curiously confounded?

Remember when the Westin Hotel came out with its Heavenly Bed? That happened in 1999, and the good folks who own the Westin marketed that development widely. It was a bit of a first in the hospitality industry – focusing so much money and attention on the bed – but it turned out to be a profitable strategy.

Posted On: 08/13/2012

Breaking news: High thread-count does not a luxury linen make.

In recent years, there has been a lot of attention given to the number of threads per square inch in bed linens, known as the thread-count. So much attention, it seems, that many shoppers base their buying decision solely on the size of that thread-count number.

Linen buyers, beware!